Thursday, November 11, 2010

Can we still play New Country and gold titles from the 90's?

The answer is yes, but the titles from the 90's must have a sonic sound fit with today's new artists and NEW COUNTRY. I remember when 80's gold was loosing it's shine in the late 90's when I started in Country Music Radio. The Rusty Walker music list had a category of 35-50 songs that tested well from the 80's, but you wouldn't want to play those a lot with the direction of current and recurrent music. They were a drop
option at the end of the hour. The Judd's, Reba, Alabama, George Strait and Keith Whitley.

Former pop radio programmer and consultant Bill Richards talked about a match for pop music between the gold library and the current library. He said the titles need to have sonic compatibility. Wouldn't make any sense for a pop music station to play "Dynamite" Taio Cruze and also 
play Simply Red "If You Leave Me Now".

For some reason, we do that on Country. Always have. 
Walking a fine line, we are (Yoda). We never play real 
old songs and rely on gold, where pop radio is focused
on current/recurrent and recent gold.

According to Mediabase, the most played gold song 
on number one CMR KASE Austin last week was 
ALL SUMMER LONG (2008). Here's a 
list of the Top 20 most played gold in CMR for the 
week, 2 Tim McGraw songs from the late 90's:

Where The Green Grass Grows 
What Was I Thinkin' 
All Summer Long 
Chicken Fried 
Hell Yeah 
Life Is A Highway 
Just Got Started Lovin' You 
Something Like That 
It's Five O'Clock Somewhere 
Watching You 
As Good As I Once Was 
I Go Back 
If You're Going Through Hell 
I Love This Bar 
Before He Cheats 
Better Life 
Somebody Like You 
How Do You Like Me Now?
My Town

These songs all compliment the current title roster. If you 
feel for flow and appeal you need to play older songs, 
then I suggest dayparting them. Something we have
never done in CMR, but Pop radio did. Add a 9a-3p 
only restriction for titles that test well, but do not fit 
the sonic sound of today's CMR. 

It's real important that you comb your library, regardless 
of market size and pull out songs that no longer make sense. 

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  1. When I’m looking for the latest country music, I always end up in one spot – 103.1 WIRK. I was even lucky enough to catch up with Keith Van Allen in the streets and got free ‘Rib Round Up’ tickets. Just one of the many events that keep me tuned into