Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Is there anyone in the studio? Yes it appears so

Which is better than RADIO DEAD
On a jaunt to San Diego Sunday to accompany my father in law back to Fresno for home health care, I did some grand listening to radio on the way down and back. it appears in markets of all sizes, Bakersfield #75 to Los Angeles #2, there are live bodies on the air on a Sunday. Yes pinch us we must be dreaming!

First station check was R/CHR KSEQ (Q-97) Fresno, Sunday morning 8-9a, no talent on the air, simply St. John sweepers and hits. Next was R/CHR KISV (Hot 94.1) Bakersfield. Live 6a-10a and 10a-3p shifts with air talent giving away Paranormal Activity II pases and talking to folks on the phones. R/CHR KGGI Riverside/San Bernardino same as Bakersfield, live talent and giving away tickets to George Lopez and Shakira. They play a great mix of Pop currents and Old School. Meaning: Taio Cruze and Bruno Mars with Earth Wind and Fire and War (Low Rider). TO could be on to something in Anchorage with Country old school and currents. Always thought that could work for CMR, you sound disjointed to the industry, but to the listeners, variety. 

I thought other than Fresno and Q-97, this must be a R/CHR thing. I was wrong! On the way back it was Country time. KSON San Diego, live air talent at around 3p, talking to listeners on the phone and giving away tickets to some event. Great request into PEOPLE ARE CRAZY. Then KKGO Los Angeles. More live talent and tickets to Wagon Wheel. BTW GO COUNTRY sounds pretty decent. I expected them to be playing Bellamy Brothers songs. Current mix with a few old songs, Garth and Alan, that was it. Jock did use the worst term in radio to solicit calls for the contest, "Cue to call". What is the deal with that phrase and what does it mean? Next after 8p was KSKS Fresno - sweepers and music. (took time out through Bakersfield to listen to KCWR Real Country to check out some legends and also the music my father in law loves, Conway, Merle, George, etc. 

I chatted with a few friends yesterday and we came to the conclusion, they are doing the live shift for sales. Meaning: They have agency promotions for buys that need giveaways and when you are canned or force listeners to the web site, you loose the tease, trigger, winner and congrats. Question, what is this new standard of taking the 25th or 29th call for contests? Is this a PPM thing?  KKGO and KGGI did it and in Bakersfield KISV did it. Whatever it takes to bring talent back to the air and no matter the reasons, this is a good thing for us. 

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