Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WEDS MORNING MEETING How to Work Efficiently With Media Buyers if You are a Media Rep

I came across this last week and immediately thought of all the radio GM's, DOS', and sellers who violate these suggestions any chance they get.  It's great advice from the Media Buying Academy that every person involved with radio sales should read.  Some of the information presented may seem a little petty, but all of it can help make the sale a smoother experience.  

And hey, aren't we all a little petty sometimes?

First of all, for all of you broadcast media reps reading this newsletter, media buyers go by call letters and market names.  Please don’t call my office and tell me you are Susie from Q-107.  That means nothing to me, since I am probably buying 26 different markets for my client. Also, please don’t call my office and say this is Matt from Maverick Media.  While I would love to be able to remember which media group you represent, if you give me call letters and name of your market regarding which station you represent that we were discussing, it would make my life so much easier.
Additionally, since we’re doing business via e-mail more than via phone, when you e-mail me, please give me the following information, since I will eventually need it for my Time/Insertion Orders if you make it on the buy:
            Your name and title
            Your company’s name and call letters
            Your company’s address
            Your company’s phone number and fax number
            Your cell phone number
            Your e-mail address
If you give me all of the above information when we are e-mailing early on, I will be as happy as a pig dipped in mud.  It means I won’t have to e-mail or call you for it later.  You’ve just succeeded in making my job much easier.
Also, when submitting rates, please label them as “net” or “gross.”  I must know which they are before I can put a plan together.
Working together efficiently makes our jobs fun and less stressful.  Let’s make it our goal to be more efficient.
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