Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Driving with Full Throttle County and Buck Stevens: Are You a TWUCKER?

One of my favorite people to tweet with lives in Bloomington Illinois and plays Continuous Country Favorites at WBWN. Meet Buck Stevens a Country Music Radio who host who really gets Social Media and how to use it increase productivity and popularity.
 Bio B104 Country DJ into NASCAR, Hunting, Fishing, Harleys and Music. Twitter+B104Buck+Follower = 'Twuckers', be a Twucker! Count me in! I am definitely a TWUCKER!!

Official title for work? Assistant Program Director/Music Director/On-Air Personality, Town Square Media, WBWN FM, Bloomington, IL
Where are you answering these questions from? At my desk in my office that I call “The Dungeon” because it’s downstairs with no windows
What are you wearing? Shorts & a summer style button up shirt
How did you get started in Broadcasting? I studied Speech Communications/Broadcasting at Eastern Illinois University & got a job at WMCI in Mattoon, IL while at EIU
What are 3 items you CAN NOT live without? Music, Radio & TV, in that order
Favorite item of clothing/jewelry/accessory? My watch, I’m always on the go & need to know what time it is & it’s a Chicago Bears watch!
Have you ever been in a fight? More than I’d like to admit to
What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? Where’s my coffee
What kind(s) of car do you drive? Chevrolet S-10 4x4 Pick-up and a Harley Davidson Night Train
Is there anything that you regret? Not really, some things I wonder what would be different if, but not really regret
What are your fondest childhood memories? Fishing with my Grandpa In your house? Having fun with my mom who was a single parent
In your neighborhood or town? Playing football in Jr. High & High School, the whole “Glory Days” thing
What current event has your eyes and ears? In radio, we pretty much look at everything daily, so really everything And what are you doing about it? Making sure that people know what is going on while on the air & when I interact with them in person
How do you use Social Media in your industry for productivity? I use Twitter mainly. I try to have fun with people and promote the radio station & myself in between the fun stuff.
What is your favorite website? Not sure I have 1 favorite; again, I’m on many daily for my job.
If you had a Super Power what would it be? The ability to Fly, that would just be AWESOME!
Which famous people do you admire? MOST of the Country Music Artists. MOST of them are able to handle the fame that comes with what they do & remain very down to earth, I think that is something that is very admirable amongst “Stars”.
What is your favorite movie?The Princess Bride, it’s fun & something the whole family can enjoy.
Favorite snack? Ice Cream – It comes in SO many flavors & styles
How do you balance your work with other obligations - mate, children, hobbies? It’s not easy, and sometimes I feel like I am not balanced at all. But that is the nature of the career path I choose. Luckily I have a wife that is a Saint about that. Most of the time, I just have to say this is gonna be ME/FAMILY time & make it happen so it doe not get too bad.
Do you get nervous about anything? On rare occasion anymore.
Do you have a ritual before you go on the air? Not really, other than making sure I have all the information I need for the day, I just head to the studio & be myself when I get there.
If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be, and what would say to them? Without trying to sound “preachy”, but being honest, Jesus Christ and I’d say “Thanks!” Because of my beliefs, that will happen someday.
What is your hobby or do you collect anything? I hunt, fish, ride my motorcycle & do some artwork. I collect Eagles, I have like 60 from 2 inches tall to one that’s made of concrete & about 3 foot tall.
What chore to you hate? Making the bed, because I know I’m gonna mess it up again in a matter of hours.
Do you have an animal/s? I had a dog growing up that I named ShaBoom, he was part collie part English sheapard, I miss him.
Fruits or Vegetables? Fruits, bananas & apples are best
Mac or PC? I have a PC & an iPhone, so both
Ginger or Mary Ann? Mary Ann, you know what they say about those farmers daughters.
Craziest thing you have ever done? When I was 17, going 65mph down the interstate, changed drivers with my friend by climbing out of the window, over the roof & back in the other window. God looks out for little children & fools, obviously that day I was the latter.

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