Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How Do Teens And Young Adults Feel About Media?

from Edison Research
Lots of great news to share with you that will hopefully help you move the needle on your business, so let's get to it!

First, we are really excited to announce that Edison will be premiering a new, publicly-available research study at next month's NAB/RAB Radio Convention in Washington DC. This study, entitled "The 2010 American Youth Study," will be a comprehensive look at how 12-34 year-olds discover, consume, share and feel about music and media. This study is particularly exciting for us because it reprises one of the most important media studies we've ever done here at Edison: "Radio's Future: Today's 12-24 Year-Olds," which was published back in 2000. That survey proved to be a shockingly prescient look at the future of the radio and recording industries through the eyes of teens and young adults. This year, we'll be reprising the 12-24 study, and will in addition expand the sample to include the same cohort we studied in 2000, now today's 22-34 year-olds, to see how their attitudes have changed, and we'll kick off the convention with the results on Wednesday, September 29th.


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