Monday, August 30, 2010

Are you ready for Fall 2010?

Check out our FTC Programming check-list PART ONE:
On air talent:
  1. Are they connected to the lifegroup or talking over the listeners heads with Nashville Skyline dribble?
  2. Do they up-date and check Facebook and Twitter every 15 minutes during their shifts?
  3. Are they connecting to the community, talking about blood drives, church events, Fall festivals in all the towns?
  4. Do they sound real and human, not-contrived, offering something of themselves on the air?
  5. Are you working with them to better connect with the Gen Z listeners?
  1. Have you refreshed your gold from your consultants safe list, auditorium tests or FTC safe list?
  2. Are playing only hits that build consistency and familiarity with your audience?
  3. Do you have the right balance of new and gold?
  4. Comb your music rotation and digital playback systems for snags, bumps and incorrect data and audio?
  5. Is there a distinct difference between your station and the competitor musically or are you playing the same exact music?
  1. Are you using real listeners in your imaging?
  2. Find creative ways to sell elements of the station.
  3. Have you refreshed your morning show imaging?
  4. Do you have an imaging clock that rotates all of your elements evenly, or do you just play sweepers back to back?
  5. Think about changing your station voice if they sound boring and not cutting edge.
Social Media:
  1. Do your air talent and mornings record video promos for Facebook and Twitter?
  2. Are you engaging the listeners in real conversation in Facebook and Twitter?
  3. Stop using Facebook and Twitter for station liners.
  4. Are the talent talking about strong local and community events in Facebook and Twitter?
  5. Do you have imaging components for Social Media?
Commercial Production:
  1. Sales and productions need to develop imaging campaigns for clients, stop with dumb spots.
  2. Omit jive and useless verbiage in the copy - Out there, down there, located at, open to serve you.
  3. Creative campaigns for advertisers will win them back and give the station a cool sound.
  4. Only use professional voices for tags and spots, no interns!
  5. Treat commercial production like quality imaging.
Part Two is coming next Tuesday Sept 7

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