Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Treating Listeners with Respect..Fact or Fiction?

I never rant like this, in fact I always try to point out the good in the world but sometimes, some things should be said!

I am so disgusted. I tuned in to KABC AM Radio in LA to listen to a friend who was going to be interviewed.

I was streaming and caught the morning show.  I was shocked, amazed and completely sadened at what I heard. They were doing a "bit" about unemployment/being homeless. So a listener that is homeless, living in her car called in.

They referred to her as a "bitch", degraded her, made fun of her, laughed at her, condescended her, told her she should beg for money to afford to leave California (in between laughing hysterically), and then told her when her life got more miserable she should call them back so they could have another good laugh.
To add insult injury, after she hung up, they joked about offering her a prize pack...

IT WAS RIDICULOUS!!  I think they thought they were funny but I can't understand why they would kick someone when they were down. Even if it was a bit and/or "phone actress" it wasn't funny at all. It just made them look REALLY bad! If I was advertiser on that station, I would pull my money from that show.

Maybe, I just don't listen to mainstream-mediocre-LA-entertainment radio that much and am spoiled by the selflessness, kindness and generosity of Country Music Radio...and it's On-Air Personalities. I can't imagine the people I know in Country Music Radio even putting her on the air. Most of them would've tried to help her or do something for her off the air and it wouldn't be a stinking prize pack--PLEASE.

So, I sit here, dumbfounded and annoyed that anyone, especially an AM radio morning show in a Major market would treat another human being like this.

I get why media exists, to present the extraordinary in life. 499,999 people went to work this morning.
One of them may have been involved in a fatal car accident.
We don't report all the people that got there safely. We focus on the one who didn't.

I don't want to live in a world where the good stuff is extraordinary but I think we have a responsibility to be respectful and humane.

SHAME on that morning show. not even saying their name because I don't think they deserve that.

I know where I come from we don't shoot out wounded!
THIS IS NOT OK.....and it is NOT GOOD Radio at any level.

What are your thoughts?

It happens at about 29.36 into the player.


  1. thats why that particular show has been fired and suspended from several markets but they keep getting hired.
    they used to be frank, frosty and jamie and they pretty destroyed a station in Colorado (Alice I believe)
    You are right about Country Music values and standards!
    -Jeff Spencer

  2. dohhhh
    not a big fan of them AT ALL!