Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's called Facebook, not liner book!

I'm amazed that Country Music Radio is still posting liners on
Facebook. "Win your Trace Adkins tickets today at 3:35p". This is as
goofy as blogs on your station web site. Perhaps you haven't been
reading about social media, what Jessica writes every Friday and what
is coming out of research studies with women and social media. Now I
could see using Twitter for short blurbs, because you are limited to
the 140 characters. But not in Facebook - This should be another

You can talk about amazing events in your community that are
noteworthy, tie the station and the morning show in with constant
up-dates on real time event scenarios. Smart morning shows have
discovered there is another audience on Facebook in the mornings and
quite frankly around the clock to communicate with. Ego, concert
tickets and of course pictures of what you are having for lunch at P.F
Chang's are out! Concert tickets tied to Facebook are in. A contest on
Facebook would rock the halls. Remember 18-34 Women are looking 
at and up-dating their Facebook page several times a day compared 
to the once a month they might visit your web site. Nuff' said.


  1. That's my boy, Chuck! Tell it like it is!!

  2. Kim Carson at WLHT in Grand Rapids uses facebook very well to incorporate her listeners into her life basically