Thursday, July 1, 2010

OK I'll stop bitching, we do have something good going on!

I sit down daily to write this pabulum and most often I have an attitude. Today we salute the great things we do in our format. Country Music Radio is one of the best formats for customer and listener attraction. The low, mid and high end demographic appeal of the format makes it an excellent vehicle to bring together several music styles under one roof. That is the closest to variety you'll find anywhere. We work hard to make sure that client's receive ROI on their products. 

As we take some time off this weekend, we need to be grateful for all the great things Country Music Radio does for the listening base. Fun, entertainment, puts a smile on the audiences faces, plays great music, information, social media fun and makes a connection with the life group and customer. I'll find something else to bitch about next week, you can count on it. Have a great July 4th weekend. 

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