Saturday, July 3, 2010

Do we still need ego?

The art of the ego...The savage beast that drives right brained talent and programmers. I thought that during and after broadcastings economic set-back of the past few years and with all the cutbacks, we would see an end to radio ego. Eileen Brennen as Mother in the movie FM "I am so tired of ego-tripping in this toy shop". What a grand line. How can half-pint personalities still think that listeners worlds start and end with them? There are so many other media ventures for radio listeners to grab hold of.

I have worked with my share of ego-driven radio talent, that's pretty much the reason why I don't work day to day in radio any longer. I guess I have a low level bullshit indicator. I was usually pretty quick to dress these types down when the BS got too thick. I mean you can usually only take so much of the "I did this, I can do that, my listeners love me..." For the most part, they think or operate like this is business as usual. Self induced, self interest. 

Some major broadcast companies have proved that they don't need these types. They have moved on with other talent and the ratings are actually better in some cases. Beware of self-inflicted ego, it can only go so far in this business climate.

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  1. so true CHUCK!! I find the same issues with the same personalities online.
    I retweet and repost stuff for radio stations ALL the time and they hardly ever say thanks. this is how they treat listeners too.
    I can only imagine that the ego driven ones will be replaced by younger ones that understand the concept of please, thank you and common courtesy. Sadly when they are reading this they more than likely think it is other people and not them!