Friday, June 11, 2010

What's in Your Toolbox?

I am huge advocate for using tools to streamline the Social Media process. I preface this by saying that it is still really important to know and understand the platforms you are using individually as well as what is appropriate communication ie you can get away with tweeting frequently on Twitter but over posting on Facebook can be annoying to some. It will completely depend upon your unique individual purpose.  I like to blog at least two times a week and no more than once a day. It is what meets my Social Media goals.
I have yet to meet a new client that isn't overwhelmed at the thought of having to post, tweet, blog, email, text, create, promote. It easy to see how that could intimidate the best of the best.

Once you determine your goals and have a strategy that emulates your marketing plan, the "how" of Social Media will become very clear.

With this in mind there are quite a few tools that help you streamline efforts and manage your time more effectively. local people specific topics Yellow Pages relationship maintenance multiple platforms/web based multiple platforms/computer based link blog post from website aggregate for posting to multiple platforms
Facebook Fan Page-link to Twitter you can post directly from there
Selective Twitter Status to send tweets to Facebook with hashtag #fb

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