Thursday, June 24, 2010

What in the hell?

Broadcasters have been shouting from the mountain tops about their June numbers. Tom Taylor at Radio Info asked for it and he got it.  Everyone is up, everyone is joyous. Then why are companies still firing entire staffs. KZZO Sacramento really does nothing more than shift their handle and adopts a new logo, then they fire the air staff. Same at WMMJ in Washington DC. The entire air staff released. 

Broadcasters will still find ways to cut costs in the personnel department:

1.) Promote talent from within regardless of how good or experienced they are.
2.) Hire local talent who have run out of stations and for a song.
3.) Keep the costs low, so the 5-7% quarterly bumps will look impressive.
4.) Continue to flip big ticket stations to all music and/or syndicated formats.
5.) Operation Managers/Programmers programming multiple stations, air shift and promotions.

 Radio stations are starting to really suck because of the low-mid ground talent that have entered the programming funnel. Operators need to stick with proven winners and grand talent. Old School, two thoughts prevailed: Pros who lived and breathed radio, paid their dues and carried a big stick and farm team talent who were developing their skill set to move up. Now operators are forcing programmers to take generic stock and try to perform in a large race for listener attraction. It ain't gonna work - Most of the mid ground talent in radio today have so spunk, drive or tenacity. It's a job and they don't have a passion for radio - They can hide easily under the "we operate this way due to the economy" radar. But for the grace of God - let's find a way to get this leveraged again and working for fun and profit.

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