Friday, June 25, 2010

Finger Candy Friday: The Social Habit from Edison Research/Arbitron

Here is the latest study from Edison Research/Arbitron Internet and Multimedia Research Series: "The Social Habit: Frequent Social Networkers In America."

Social Networking has exploded in popularity over the past two years, with the percentage of Americans maintaining a profile page on one or more social sites doubling from 24% in 2008 to 48% in 2010. Even more remarkably, as social networking has entered the mainstream, it has also quickly become not just an occasional diversion but a habitual part of American life. In 2009, 18% of social networkers in America checked their sites and services several times a day. Just one year later, this figure stands at 30%, even as the total number of social networkers has grown. With both numbers growing dramatically, the actual number of Americans with "the social habit," who check their social media sites multiple times per day, has more than doubled, from approximately 18 million to 39 million.

I hope you get plenty of use out of it! According to Tom Webster, Vice President, Strategy & Marketing Edison Research, you are welcome to write, publish, post or tweet about it - just provide proper attribution to Edison Research and Arbitron.

Download "The Social Habit" here.

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