Saturday, June 19, 2010

What does one have to do with the other?

While reading the San Diego postings on RADIO-INFO, there is a grand debate going on about lack of sales affecting programming, at least the programming posts. They're writing about Bill Pugh, the CC San Diego OM leaving due to sales problems in the cluster. What does this have to do with programming and the portfolio of great radio stations in this prospective cluster and many others in the country. Heres a few of the ramblings:

There you go another good programmer chased out of the building because "he doesn't get it". Ratings look good. Why do the same lackies in the sales dept get away with not meeting thier goals and one good programmer after another gets escorted out of the building?

Perhaps because sales is running the show and is always going to point elsewhere when they don't make their numbers. Unfortunately a lot of what passes for "Management" in the Industry today doesn't get, or doesn't care, that compelling, localized, programming attracts audience which is what they're selling...

We don't know for sure that this was the problem in San Diego - But we do know that in the first quarter of 2010, Clear Channel grew 5% and they even stated it was due to restructuring the company and personnel. It's easier for a market manager to adjust payroll than increase sales, when sales aren't there. We knew the economic problems of the past few years would spawn fewer staff members and program directors. It's most likely not going to get any better for time being.

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