Friday, June 18, 2010

My Big Fat Twitter!!

I was watching the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and if you have seen it, you will recall that the father in the movie thinks Windex is a folk remedy for external use against most non-disabling ailments, ‘from psoriasis to poison ivy.'

got me thinking  how Windex blue is similar to Twitter Blue then that got me thinking about all the things that both myself, my friends and my clients have used Twitter for (this is just how my brain works)  

If you ask anyone who knows me or has spent more than 15 minutes around me they will tell you that I am always offering, Twitter ideas and solutions.
Here are some of the way that I have seen or used Twitter as a business management or productivity solution:
Personal branding – you can use twitter to establish your socialality by connecting with people and being approachable….build trust=build relationship.
Establish credibility – you own the conversation and have a captive audience. This is your opportunity to get your thoughts and ideas out there.
Getting feedback about you or your company – you can find out what people really think; good and bad.
Hiring people/outsourcing jobs – there are so many people on twitter and you can get anything you need from bar mitzvah info to ballerinas.
Directing traffic back to websites – when people click on your profile to check you out they will click on your website to see what you are about.
Emergency news updates – including Amber alerts, weather, traffic.
Making new friends – most of my current BFF’s I met on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter (seriously!)
Use it as a To-do or grocery list, take notes – you can even tweet at yourself from your phone.
Business management – connect employees like an intranet or for group project participation.
Customer correspondence – let them know about new products and services, just make sure that you follow up with them!
Event updates – provide live coverage for any event, let participants know what’s going on and any changes.
Find prospects or people looking for your product – you can search and follow key words.
Time management analysis – use as a detailed record of what you are doing every day.
Virtual meetings – use as a group chat.
Call-to-Action – use to move followers to vote or raise project awareness ie online voting, video contest, money bomb etc.
What do you use Twitter for? Let me know!!

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