Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's Getting Better All The Time - Chuck Geiger

We complain about a "disconnect" musically with the audience and not enough live talent, but we continue to excel in many areas. Country Music Radio imaging is getting better all the time. With the borrowing from Top-40 and PD's managing Country Music Radio from other formats, we are building sonically speaking.

PPM has also shortened the long, drawn out concert ticket promos to a manageable length. I was kidding Alpha's Scott Mahalick last week, when sent me a :31 promo. I said a Mahalick promo under :60, Wow. The same kind of creativity associated with longer messages can be woven into shorter, more direct imaging. 

Gone are the days of all the non-important information in promos. One main theme message and that's it - No need for "Cue to call, one lucky winner will win, listen to win Monday morning with Dick and Dork." Just fun,  no filler needed. Remember Twitter 140 or under. 

Sweepers are using listeners, artists, plugged into listening area community names and gone are 12-in-a-row and Your station for Country Music. Keep up the good writing and production of your topicals, sweepers, promos and all around imaging. 

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