Tuesday, May 25, 2010

FTC Radio Jargon Conversion Guide

Out ThereTOJust give name is enough
Down ThereTOJust give name is enough
Over ThereTOJust give name is enough
Up ThereTOJust give name is enough
OutsideTONever say
DegreesTOJust temp will suffice
ThunderboomersTONever say
Get outside todayTONever say - people work
Win That CDTOArtist name
Win That CashTOWin our Cash
Head on overTONever say
Lots of ChancesTONever say
More info on the webTOJust give URL
WWWTONever say
On your MondayTONever say
Cue to CallTOListen to Win
Radio RemoteTONever say
Movie TrailerTOMovie sneak peek
Weather wiseTONever say
BreakTONever say
Stop by & say hiTONever say
When temp is your
competitors frequencyNever say (round up/down)
I'll be here til'TONever say
We'll have to seeTOYou aren't a palm reader
Keep it hereTONever say
Good MorningTONever say
Highways & BywaysTONever say
Conveniently locatedTONever say


  1. Forgot - WE'LL BE CHECKIN' IN WITH GREG DAVIS...Never use

  2. 3 more, one, two or all of which you WILL hear next time you turn on the radio or TV:

    'Absolutely' (the most common response to a statement by a co-host or interviewee)

    'Unbelievable' (most frequently used when something is not)

    'Of course' (which begs the question, why are you even bothering to mention it?)