Tuesday, April 27, 2010


had the pleasure of talking with CC Springfield OM Paul Kelly and KSWF (100.5 The Wolf) PD Adam Burns recently about their awesome Country product. They do everything right and they have increased the ratings against heritage Country outlet, Journal's KTTS. 

Starting with mornings, Clint in the morning is a down home, real-person, talking to the audience and relating to the lifegroup through on air and social media. Clint raised diapers and cash the morning I listened to him for a listener who lost her house in a fire and just had a baby. This is what makes a connection and people talk about and raises recognition with the product.
Adam is a social media master. The station has thousands of Facebook and Twitter followers and the station is always in contact with the pages. They have taken the Clear Channel Internet edict to the next level by promoting the features on-line. When I listened I heard a cool promo for Tim McGraw Stripped and then a live track from the series.

The imaging is next-level and the blend of stationality and personality are targeting a 27 year old female, right down to 27 year old females being used in listener sweepers, right down to them saying their names and ages and why they listen to The Wolf.

The Wolf is not your typical Country station, even in the bible belt heartland. It has a seamless contemporary presentation to it that is hitting the mark.

100.5 The Wolf KSWF Idol will be great this week. Shania, Rascal Flatts and Lady A. This week will be hard to beat~bobbybaldwin

27 minutes ago

100.5 The Wolf KSWF Tim Anderson is going to see Kenny Summer in 3D. Nice job man!! Next chance to win is today at 5:00 with Adam~bobbybaldwin

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