Friday, April 9, 2010

FINGER CANDY FRIDAY: Combining the Power of Mobile Marketing & Social Media

Combining the Power of Mobile Marketing & Social Media

Mobile marketing is a natural extension of social media. If you are successful in promoting your business and spreading word of mouth advertising by “creating apostles” to your business with social media then mobile marketing is the next step to take to increase your customer interaction, frequency and sales.

These platforms from Twitter, Facebook, mobile marketing and now new sites that are showing huge promise such as Groupon and FourSquare can all be used effectively alone. Where we see the big difference and missed opportunity for small business owners is the question how to run multiple social/mobile marketing platforms together and integrated with each other.

It is important to use multiple platforms for several reasons. First, social marketing provides the highest ROI in marketing. While it does take some time in the beginning to learn these services effectively, they are essentially free and only take your time. If you are short on time, there companies that will build your social media sites and manage the marketing strategy for you so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Second, customers that are more involved in your business and feel a deeper connection are less likely to leave you for another business. Social and Mobile create brand loyalty, positioning, differentiation and if you reward these customers accordingly, a very high rate of customer satisfaction that cannot be matched by other forms of print or mass media marketing.

With all of these sites and methods you must add value to the users experience by providing your fans, followers and subscribers with discounts, exclusive promotions and sales. If you give your customers what they want, your business will be rewarded. People who allow you to engage them in these mediums are most likely to spend money with you, spread the word of your business: “Creating Apostles!”, and you are circling the wagon so to speak around your best customers, the ones that support your business and provide the main base of your profits.

People that are fans on your Facebook page are more likely to buy from your business. Use twitter to drive traffic to your Facebook page and get them signed up as a fan. Use Facebook to offer fans the chance to answer the mobile call to action to receive another reward for signing up to your mobile campaign. When you send out a new SMS message you will soon be able to have the ability to have the message automatically update your twitter and Facebook page. This will complete the circle and drive customers ultimately to your mobile list.

Unlike other marketing mediums, mobile marketing is far from saturation or showing any signs of slowing growth. Customers will not be members of multiple or dozens of Facebook fan pages or be following thousands on Twitter. With mobile marketing your customers will most likely follow one business from each market category. This allows you alone to have their sole attention which will drive your sales and ROI to new levels in this economy. While you may be able to use effectively to show a ROI or increase in sales, combine the power of mobile and social media marketing to compete and grow your sales.

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