Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Morning Meeting for March 10, 2010

The future of radio sales:  There's an ap for that.

Do you read MASHABLE?  If not, you should.  MASHABLE dishes out the day's digital news in our ever-changing media landscape.  One article in particular caught my eye this week.  The piece posed a question: will we have desktop computers in the future?  Citing data in Japan that suggests that more people are searching the Web via their cell phone than via their desktop computer, the author wonders how much longer before our mobile phones are even more relevant than today.  

So how will your audience find your brands in the future?  Will they listen over the airwaves or via an iPhone ap? And, if the new trend among iPhone users is to download an ap rather than using search engines, have you developed your station's ap yet?  As an industry, we'll need to figure out how to monetize all these digital tools.  Change is a-coming!


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