Thursday, March 11, 2010


I’m a fan of Mark Ramsey’s blog “Hear 2.0.” Mark always has an interesting take on things pertinent to where Radio is at the moment. He’s also a big believer in the importance of content as am I.
He posted about “local” Radio last week. His comments revolved around how “local”  wasn’t relevant anymore due to the ever expanding ways we get our entertainment and information. If we use the word to describe the delivery device, I agree.
To me, “local” has always been about the content. If it’s of interest to the person hearing it, if it affects their life in some way, then it truly is “local” to them.
I’m not taking issue with Mark’s post, just humbly adding to it.
It’s getting harder and harder to remain the source for all things “local” to your listeners. The folks at BMW are about to make it even harder.
We’ve all heard that soon every car will be Internet capable opening up every Internet station and terrestrial station that streams to what has been local Radio’s stronghold.
Well, soon is now.
Up until now there wasn’t much progress being made in this area. This puts it right in our laps. It’s impossible to continue to ignore what we’ve known but have put off dealing with – the need to be hyper focused on Content.
Unless we become a “can’t miss” entertainment spot on the dial, we will be lost in the hundreds of choices consumers will soon have at their fingertips – in the car.
Consider this as you make your next hire; without playmakers in every position you’re not only vulnerable to the station across the street, you risk being replaced by any number of Radio choices from all over the world.
Make sure your on-air product is focused on the needs of your target audience. Do whatever is necessary to ascertain those needs and interests.
 As Mark points out, and BMW is about to exacerbate, when it comes to delivery devices there is no “local” anymore. You must entertain and inform your listener consistently to remain relevant to remain “local.”
Bob Glasco
Glasco Media


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