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Expanding the impact of your marketing in a PPM world. 

Monday, March 8, 2010 

With thirty-three markets in PPM currency, and another fifteen going to currency in 2010, many conversations about “what’s changed” are taking place.  As part of an ongoing conversation with Point To Point Marketing’s Tim Bronsil and Rob Klemm, we discuss the new world of PPM.

Does PPM change how you view marketing to the audience?
Tim Bronsil:  Yes, it does very much so.  With PPM, real usage is king.  The days of simply working to induce greater recall is no longer central to moving the ratings needle.  Because of this, we’ve created a series of think tanks over the past few years to redefine what competition means within the new PPM environment.
What do you believe has changed?
Rob Klemm:  First, more now than ever competition is about the package a station creates that differentiates you from others.  People tend to respond to what makes you different and those differences are the catalyst to how much they make you a part of their listening consumption.  Therefore, when we look at marketing, we look for a way to make it so people can absorb the difference, or message so to speak.  We want them to spend time with the message.
What makes you think your marketing is something with which they will spend time?
Rob Klemm: We know that people that agree to carry devices are survey-friendly and “information seekers” about radio.  This is true because they are participating in a survey, so their interest about radio amplifies.  If we can get their attention with a phone call or a mail piece, they spend time with the message.

Tim Bronsil: This is what gives direct marketing such a solid advantage over other forms of marketing.  In fact, our clients that research the results of their efforts in marketing will strongly agree direct marketing is the best.

What do you want the listeners to come away with?
Rob Klemm: It’s not only what, but who.  For marketing to contribute the way we want it to at Point-To-Point, we think it is important that you not only reinforce reasons for listening on behalf of your Primary (P1) users, but as important, your secondary and tertiary listeners.  In fact, the reason to use promotional tactics is to increase usage from the secondary and tertiary listeners, AND the people that may never use you.  The goal is to grow the attraction to listen to you and adjust their normal listening patterns in your favor and at your competition’s expense.
So with tight marketing budgets, what kinds of campaigns work the best?
Tim Bronsil:  We’ve seen good success with lower budgets by using our TV Replacement direct mail campaign where we super-focus on survey-friendly geographical and demographical segments.  Touching these households with frequent direct mail messages is like taking a TV spot and unfolding it in front of the recipient.  He or she can spend as much time with it as they’d like.  Additionally, the At-Work Blitz campaigns correlate business Standard Industrial Codes (SIC) with station compatibility.  Calls  into those businesses during the day  is when there are 160 available Quarter Hours has proven very successful.
How do these campaigns work?
Rob Klemm:  Well, a phone call to any one of us will get you started with a no obligation introduction to how we maximize the impact of your marketing investment.  

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