Thursday, February 25, 2010


Before you use a friend or constituent as a personal and professional reference, you need to make sure what they are going to say. I have made the mistake of using people I thought were cool and close to the inner-circle and they end up talking too much to a prospective employer and aren’t sure on the facts. Those are situations I would like to discuss on a confidential level with the prospective employer. Not have them hear about it from someone who is claiming to promote your wireless well being.

I recently ask someone to make a call on my behalf and for some reason, I never heard from the station. It’s a question of ego and jealousy – We have all done it. I have been asked about people and the first thing we flash to, did they screw me some how and what can I say disparaging about them? Look nobody is perfect and we have all made mistakes. This is such a competitive business, how are we to know what they are saying unless we ask them? Have someone call them pretending to be a hiring manager and you will find out – Or do you want to?

Pair this down to three confidants and if you have Linkedin recommendations, use them as part of the process. Now you know why radio stations will only give the time you worked there, when someone calls for a reference for you. Safe guards and keeps both the station and you out of trouble.


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