Monday, February 1, 2010


Country took a big hit all across the board in December and AC was the winner with Holiday programming in PPM markets. These examples, The AC's were number one. We talked about not letting AC steal the adult holiday thunder. FTC gave examples on how you could guard against this as early as October.

  • In Phoenix AC has a 12 share (yes a 12 share) KESZ CC AC and both Country stations were off-
  • Los Angeles, KOST CC AC with an 8 share and KKGO down to 1.7-
  • Sacramento CBS AC KMYX with an 8 share and Country flat or down-
  • KOIT Entercom AC with an 8 share in San Francisco, Country flat-
  • Denver Entercom AC KOSI with a 12 share - Country down-
  • CC AC WASH in DC with a 10 share - Country down-
  • Miami (yes Miami) AC WLYF 8.5 share - Country flat-
  • Tampa 11.2 for WWRM and Country down and flat-
  • 12.0 for Cox WSB-FM in Atlanta and Country down-
  • CC AC Chicago WLIT 10 share and Country down-
  • Just a 15.1 for WLIF CBS AC in Baltimore - Country down-
  • Motown Clear Channel AC WMIC 10 share and Country down-
  • Twin Cities - WLTE CBS AC 8.9 and Country down-
  • KCKC Kansas CIty 7.7 #1 and Country down (all 3)-
  • AC KEZK St. Louis trumps The Arch and Country for CBS with an 11.2-
  • 12 share for CC AC KSNE Las Vegas - Country flat and down-
  • NYC CC AC WLTW 11 share-
  • Cumulus WRRM Cincy AC #1 to WLW and Country 3rd-
  • CBS Cleveland WDOK with a 15.0 share and Country down-
  • 14.9 in Portland for CC AC KKCW - BUT KUPL roars 4.3-5.4 4th- They were bringin' it on the entertainment value stage - No special holiday programming.
  • WBEB AC Philadelphia 16 and change highest yet - Country same-
  • Dallas CBS AC KVIL 7.7 and Country flat and down-
  • Houston, CBS AC KODA huge 11.7, KKBQ up, others down-
  • CC AC San Antonio KQXT 9.9 Country down-
  • KSFI Bonneville Saly Lake City AC 14.9 and Country down-
  • Sandusky's KRWM Seattle AC 10.8 - Country KMPS up-
Boston - AC not #1, Country flat - Oldies was #1
Pittsburgh - Classic Hits #1, AC up to 8 share and Country down

What does this tell us, Country has the tendency to share with AC and Classic Rock/Hits stations. If we don't offer a COUNTRY CHRISTMAS or HOEDOWN FOR THE HOLIDAYS or something from November-December in 2010, we will see this alarming trend continue. I have been very successful with Holiday programming on Country radio. Believe me it goes way past Taylor Swift or Lady Antebellum Christmas songs. It's a mind-set on the station that gives the AC a run for it's money and listeners. CC Phoenix Director of Programming Smokey Rivers says: "That's why Arbitron invented the 13th month:  To factor the Christmas phenomenon out of any given quarterly.   In markets where the AC Christmas music brand is indelibly etched into the minds of the consumer, it might not bring good tidings when country takes on the Christmas station.  Any markets where it's being done successfully?" Not yet...but hold on....

I'm creating a two-month consultation for Country radio for XMAS - THE NEW GEN TINSEL TAKEOVER, HOLIDAY MAKEOVER. music, imaging, community promotions, special programming and more for Country. Available on a barter or cash basis through NEW GENERATION PROGRAMMING. Make sure you get a plan together in the newer PPM markets as well as the above to counter these runaway AC's. It's not a December to remember in 2009.


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