Monday, February 22, 2010


The floodgates have opened and the Top 40/CHR PD's are playin' the howdy hits. I thought I was the only one in 97 to make the transition. I was sadly mistaken, there has always been a few stragglers every few years that have a real pop radio background.

Recently, We have seen the CHR/Top-40 PD's migrate as part of their current positions and some working solely with Country stations:

  • Bruce St. James KMLE Phoenix (CBS CHR PD) (2nd Non-Country PD)
  • Justin Chase KCYE Las Vegas (Classic Hits PD)
  • Tosh Jackson KNTY Sacramento (Production Director)
  • Mark Medina KNIX Phoenix (KZZP PD)
  • Leo Baldwin WXTU Philadelphia (WRDW PD - Shelly Easton replaced in Jan)
  • Mike Preston KKWF Seattle
I was talking with my boy Bob Glasco about this the other day. One problem is you can't get too Top-40 with Country. It's only in the tempo and delivery mind-set. Too many CHR/Top-40 PD's have gone over the edge in "popping Country out". Looking for pop-sounding only Country songs and lack of association with the Country life group. Some manager's of these stations have even disliked the format and welcomed the chance to position it as an adult music station and not Country. Dropping Country from the moniker and other tactics. Taylor Swift works on Top-40, but Daughtry "Life After You" won't work in Country. A CHR/TRop-40 PD new to Country is usually the first to try to "De-Country" a Country station. This is a big mistake. Bring the positives of Pop radio to Country, like great imaging, talent personalities, great morning shows and awesome promotions. But Keep It Country!


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