Saturday, February 6, 2010


For weeks, there has been smoke coming off the computer and ADOBE AUDITION. Been working on demos for NEW GENERATION PROGRAMMINGS new formats. Been like working in radio without all the non-essential distractions. Reminds me of the radio we all loved, for those of us old enough to remember working on a promo or spot and making sure the elements were all spot on. No AE's bugging you over promotions that most likely wont' materialize, talent needing extra time off, Sales Managers hot off a client meeting with the next big pitch needing you to whore up the shop and MM's who want to thump your drive and passion with "I got a call from XXX Agency about what Don and Dan said this morning". I use to respond to that with "They wan't a lower rate don't they".

The only difference is radio pros get paid, we just started and money is really the farthest thing from my mind. It's also like when I first started in radio and tore it up on the box and got handed this strange envelope with a check in it every two weeks. Didn't really care if it came or not - The fun of doing what you loved and working with a bunch of crazy people who also loved it - was payment enough. I have got to hire 24 air talents for these 6 formats off air checks with no corporate crap, again just like the way we hired in the 70's and 80's. Look I don't long for the good old days, people who know me, know I am always in step with the new direction. I just had being bogged down with bullshit. We will see if this pans out and we can still make magic on the radio without working day to day in the doldrums of today's corporate radio.


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