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New Generation Programming Launches
Mainstream Country & CHR Programming

MEMPHIS, TN, FEBRUARY 7, 2010 – President of Programming Chuck Geiger announces the launch of
Mainstream Country & CHR Programming services. New Generation Programming will continue to roll out
formats over the next few weeks and will offer CHR, Classic Rock, Country, Classic Hits, AC and HOT AC
by mid March.

New Generation Programming is launching NUTS AND BOLTS MAINSTREAM CHR and COUNTRY
formats for economically challenged small-medium market radio. The NEW GEN HITS / CHR will be
voiced by Jude Corbett and will have pre-recorded talent utilizing local breaks. Sonja, Albie Dee, Austin
Henry and Tony Banks are on the NEW GEN HITS CREW. NEW GEN COUNTRY will be programmed by Chuck Geiger, voiced by Jim Diamond with Bill Crawford. Stace, The Wild Joe Show, and Kris
Daniels are on the NEW GEN COUNTRY CREW. All of the writing, imaging, music, talent, promotions
and digital entries will originate in the market and come ready to go from NEW GENERATION
PROGRAMMING. For more information, hit up Mary at

NEW GEN COUNTRY launches TODAY and NEW GEN MAINSTREAM CHR launches February 22, 2010. NUTS AND BOLTS PROGRAMMING is aimed at small and middle market stations. Our goal is to offer local programming using out of market talent that will weave the consistencies of the market
and community into the station. With the prospective stations sonic sound readied for them, they can
concentrate on their business blueprint. The goal of the local station and town is to cease reliance on
satellite programming ventures and free up commercial units for local sales demands while installing
quality programming and talent relating to the individual market, something satellite and corporate
designed platforms have not completed. All of the formats will have localized voice talents and NEW GEN
will write and produce all of the local, topical, and imaging components. Later in the year, NEW GEN will
launch TRIPLE A, Alternative and Urban AC. Pure barter affiliation is available. For more information
contact Mary at 615-885-0857or at

NEW GEN COUNTRY DEMO available at:

NEW GEN HITS DEMO available at:


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