Monday, January 18, 2010

What Radio should learn from Domino's Pizza Chuck Geiger

When I first saw the new Domino's Pizza commercials airing during Football, I thought they had lost their minds. The old rule of thumb: Never admit it and never spotlight negatives. They basically admit they suck in their new television commercials. They first part of the spot is a focus group and the respondents talk about how the crust tastes like cardboard and the sauce like ketchup. Then they talk about how they've listened and how they are improving the crust and the ingredients. The even admit in the spot they suck and they are changing for you. On their website, they have posted their Twitter comments and some of them are not very flattering.

Could you imagine a radio station doing this? A station that plays too many commercials, music problems and a disregard from the life group? It would take a wheel barrel full of balls to do this. Most stations would never   do anything like this, they would be afraid of client fall out. If you had poor performance on a ratings level, chances are you suck in the sales area too. Of course, no one will do anything close to Domino's, but we can learn from the campaign: Take a look at our image, even though we don't perform perceptual research, we can gauge our performance and image from listeners, customers and through simply asking. With so many listener and customer choices, it might me difficult for anyone to even remember you, if you are not top of mind and make a connection the to the audience and clients.


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