Tuesday, January 19, 2010


One of the tough parts of the new broadcast economy, you have to find a way as a Country programmer to make it work, within or out of the budget. If you are a new programmer in a competitive situation, you are going to need talent who get what you need to do; They need to be a player in your scheme and bring a skill set to the sound of the station. These are the air talent who make a connection with the audience and more importantly to the client and businesses.

Now comes the budget; You only have a certain amount to pay for the position. What do you do? Is there a way to get the talent you need, that have applied or do you join the doldrum club and promote a part timer or hire someone with less of a skill-set because of the money. What a web we weave.

Thank god we are seeing a turnaround in the cheaper point of view and a return to building a franchise and staying in the salary cap. Is there something that can be reduced or moved in the budget for the talent you need? Do they have a web skill set that can employed in other markets, or production, imaging and marketing? Cmon' it's only 10k more

This is one of the reasons I think openings stay open for such a long period of time. The puzzle of finding the perfect hire for what you have to offer. No one is making what they use to in radio. Even major markets are not paying what the use to. Creative and sound design oriented programmers are hiring personalities with skill sets, talking about the community, staying local, topical and interacting with the life group, while music head programmers are hiring 10-in-a-row liner card readers telling us Kenny Chesney got two new dogs over the holidays. The big question is at what cost?



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