Saturday, January 9, 2010

We need Howard back on earth Chuck Geiger

Calling Howard Stern please come back to terrestrial radio! Could you imagine Howard back on a mother ship in New York City making fun of what's happened to radio since his departure to the big bird in outer space. He would be dressing down every owner, operator, market manager and programmer for letting radio become a repetitive self-portrait of doom and gloom.

The barbs he would cast at all of the major broadcast companies for letting high profile morning shows go the way of the pay phone. He would bring out the truth, the operators blaming the firings on the meter and the talent not measuring up to the demands of electronic monitoring of listening. The strung together programming from central power centers, stations with no visible talent during Boy Scout tours. Here meet our digital playback system kids.

Most of all he will hail a ball of fury at talent for letting this happen, everyone too afraid of losing their jobs to say anything about the disheartening situation in radio today. I for one hope he comes back to terrestrial radio and soon. But, who would be his employer? The same people he would crucify, but then that's Howard!


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