Thursday, January 21, 2010


This had got be tough especially in our business climate, making the choice not to endorse a product or service. Recently we heard about the morning talent in Orlando that was fired after not reading or endorsing a product and it wasn't first time. I guess I am pretty much a carnival barker as Howard Stern described most disc-jockeys. I have read everything in 36 years.

How do you determine what you will produce, endorse, read or sell? To me it's always been an assembly line. As a programmer I had a rule no "gentlemen's club spots before 10p" and everything else was fair game. It's revenue and there is always an eager AE bringing these spots to the party. When I worked at KSLQ in St. Louis in 1977 there was a jock fired because he wouldn't dub a spot for a political candidate he was against. He was shown the door. KZSN Wichita there was a talent there, who wouldn't do lottery remotes or  bar remotes, a spiritual beliefs thing.

I can't imagine telling the program director in this day in age, you won't read something. They are ads, just because you read them doesn't mean you believe in them. Most jocks are whores, from lasik eye surgery to food, they will endorse anything, as long is there is a talent fee.


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