Friday, December 4, 2009

Whats Happening? Whats On Your Mind? What Are You Doing? from @JessicaNorthey

How do you answer these questions? It’s not polite or good SocialMediquette to divulge your bathroom practices, and unless you are looking for some menu ideas, discussing eating habits can be pretty lame as well. One of the questions people ask me the most is: “what should I tweet or post about?”

This is a question that can make or break you in Social Media.  I refer to it as, “Your Socialality.”
What does that mean you ask? Just like your Personality, your Socialality should reflect you or your brands unique attributes including behavioral, temperamental, emotional and mental that give you character! 

 Often people think that they need to have separate accounts for different parts of their lives. THIS IS NOT NECESSARY! What I have found to be the most beneficial to my use of Social Media is the combination of all my quirks and the different things I do that give me character or should I say make me a character ;)

Picture this: You are at a Networking event talking to someone, they mention looking forward to the great weather for the NASCAR race next weekend. A few things could happen now…your eyes might glaze over and you hear something that sounds like the teachers voice on Charlie Brown "waah wah wah, wah wah wah waah" or if you were to meet me, you would soon find out that I am a huge Motorhead and plan my trips around the country by NASCAR races. Now we are talking!

The next person you talk to might mention that he used to work at his College Radio station. You relate to this because you used to work as an On-Air Radio Personality before getting into outside media sales.
The person you meet after that also breeds Pomeranian-Chihuahuas like yourself.
And then the next person you talk to happens to drink the same brand of Wine you do.

The point is we naturally filter the noise of our personalities with each other. Social Media does the same and by its very nature is meant to be Social. You have to realize that you can be personable without being too personal. Give a little of yourself...listen to what others say about themselves and then find out what your common interests are.

 Content is King!
Value is one of the most important things to keep in mind when creating great content that will get audiences in Social Media communities to interact and engage with you. Without the value to the audience, you will get the inevitable "so what?"

It is ok to semi-automate content making it a little easier to manage and still remain a completely human transaction.  A great way to do this would be to have your blog automatically post to your Twitter, Myspace or Facebook Fan Page etc. 

 Follow people who are relevant

From your Twitter account, follow everyone you know who uses Twitter.  This will make it easy to have conversations. Follow colleagues in related companies and in your industry. Follow relevant brands, journalists and pundits in your market, even those who compete with you. You should try to follow all the people who follow you-it is polite (you can use Twitter lists to manage this as well). By following people you are creating an ecosystem—people will see who you are following and consider those as suggestions for users they should follow as well.

Answer your Mentions/@replies and Retweet/Repost/Share what others post often

People will refer to your company’s account as if it were a person. You should reply to tweets that mention you. This will give your account more Socialality and will make those people feel engaged directly with you or your brand. It is  It is like holding a mirror up to your customers/listeners/clients to see what they look like. By RT’ing you are also saying that you appreciate and think what someone is saying is cool. This only takes a few seconds a day but is a powerful way to build relationships with followers and counts for Tweeting/Posting!

Tweet Others as you want to be Tweeted
WE are the key to Social Media’s continued success.  If we respect one another these different platforms and ‘tweet others as we would want to be tweeted’ we will keep building relationships, trust and making business connections.  Try not to be negative and watch what you say about other people.  It only makes you look bad.

-Be yourself
-Interact with people you relate to, enjoy, can benefit you in some way (like with their
amazing knowledge of the country music industry, or those that are just cool to YOU.
-On Twitter Follow people that follow you…unless they are spammers
-Try not to over-post, it can be annoying (although I happen to be an over-tweeter LOL)
-Only share what you feel comfortable with
-Try to give values to your post by providing resources or entertaining information

-Be creative and have fun!
-Take advantage of linking your Website/Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and Linkedin together. is a great Aggregator and Tweetdeck now services all those Platforms as well as Facebook Fan Pages!!

Just to reiterate: Social media is an umbrella term that describes websites that connect individuals in some way. An indicating quality of social media is the user generated content. User generated content comes from your experience, strengths and hopes. 

It is OK that you are a flirty, sarcastic, informative, Film Making, Radio Pirate, Pilates Instructing, Parrot Breeding, Phlebotomist-there is room for all of us!

Social Media gives you FREE access to promote you/your business.  With a little effort you can achieve respectable reach and unprecedented frequency!

Jessica is the Social Media Editor for Full Throttle Country-Country Radio's newest full-service and free interactive idea sharing and new media on-line service. She has over 19 years experience including Radio, Television, Internet and Print Sales as well as an On-Air Radio personality.  She is an Entrepreneur who owns servicing all website needs including domain names, hosting, SSL Certificates etc. She specializes in big ideas and is known for the ability to create complete marketing campaigns and bridge marketing partnerships. Her company Finger Candy Media provides Social and New Media optimization planning for businesses, brands and individuals.

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