Thursday, December 3, 2009


All the out of work brothers and sisters know the feeling, the highs and lows of searching for work in radio, not much has changed over the past few years. Even with the economic conditions, there are still openings that needs to be filled.

I have to put on my game face with every call and every communication with a prospective employer. This is the same with search, seek and submit for any possible employment situation. I feel confident with my contributions, qualifications and credentials. There are those who want to seek out the skeletons and we all have those. Situations that you had no control over, that were part of the human psyche to perform or not to perform.

With the several conversations I have had with prospective employers, the conversations are geared towards the product, problems and process of the radio station. This is great, maybe we are past the inane interview questions like, what's your favorite color? and where do you see yourself in five years?

I have had some as detailed as several calls to gain trust and as little as "going through the motions of the employment process". The network of support on social networks is important. Communicating with a network of job seekers helps you feel connected to the human race. There are people in the same place as you. Good luck in your search and let me know how I can help?

(If you are searching for gainful employment in Country radio, we would like to feature you during the Christmas week. This holiday season, we have hundreds of qualified radio broadcasters out of work and we need to show them some holiday love and compassion.) Please send me your information:

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