Monday, December 14, 2009


The Two Timeless Ways To Increase Bottom-Line
By Loyd Ford Toll free: 877-475-6864

There are two different ways to increase the positivity on your bottom –line in the broadcast business. You can cut expenses or increase ratings (previously and still currently known as raising value).
Over the course of the last decade we have seen many cuts in jobs and cuts in expenses to make bottom lines look more pleasant. The focus has been on how to reduce what it costs to produce the product and maximize the appearance of profit so that companies can exclusively grow their bottom-line. This is largely the easiest way to produce more temporary bottom-line improvement, but it comes with a cost. While everyone knows that cutting expenses can sharply cut long-term value, it creates the appearance of “gains in the now. “ So, over the course of the last ten to fifteen years, cutting and reduction in expenses has been primarily the process “in play.”

The second way to increase the bottom-line requires a more targeted approach to grow the actual value of the business. This second way to increase the bottom-line performance in broadcast is also well known to broadcasters: Improve ratings performance. Improving ratings and gaining market share provides real growth on the bottom-line.

As broadcast companies in the near future focus on paying down debt and figuring out how to sell some properties without losing value, one of the key ways to show potential investors that these properties can actually grow in value is to show they can increase ratings and revenue.

Unfortunately, the current economic climate makes significant improvements in ratings almost unreachable by using the proper amount of television or a combination of external marketing opportunities to put pressure on competition and produce higher results. You need a solution that allows you to do what you know is necessary but at a reduced cost.

Direct marketing does allow you options to super-target and move audience (both reported and monitored listening). The best news is that you can utilize direct marketing to boost profile and gain access to key participators that can make a higher difference in your ratings…for less money.

Our clients are utilizing custom-based programs from Americalist for 2010 to focus in on their specific goals for stations and clusters. Reaching those goals is giving them leverage against competitors on buys and moving their bottom-lines positive. That means they are focused on growing market share to increase value in the new year.

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Loyd Ford is the marketing strategist for Americalist Media Marketing. For the last six years, Loyd had helped clients in all formats and all market sizes with everything from The Magnet Program™ for PPM to our FastCume Tactic™ and personalized direct mail to boost ratings. Americalist Media Marketing has been helping radio boost ratings and increase value since 1987. You can reach Loyd directly at 877-475-6864 or You can also connect with Loyd on Twitter: LoydFord. On Facebook: Loyd Ford

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