Monday, November 30, 2009


The sales and marketing blitzes we could viral market with all the real positives of the two branches would be over the top. If I had no association with Country radio and the music components (these components starting moving in 2008 away from a 90's based gold sound and still limited current placement) 

I would swear as an outsider it's a format for 24 Women who work 9-5, has a family or date, maybe have been married, single mother - Parents took her to Country concerts and she remembers the 90's into 2000 and the change to a 2004 music base is geared towards her. She loves Taylor Swift, drives a Camry or Civic, strong family roots - Usual rural based. Country P-1 because of the values and fun of the Country life group. Parents were Country P-1's too. Boyfriend or husband vocal about the music/song styles of Country music now. Are you kidding me she loves LIFE IS A HIGHWAY. He wonders where the variety or other songs are and complains about rotations. 

The format and the writing of the songs will become younger and more down on the farm with a jeep and wine with a few more Hank Williams Jr. references. (Cooler to do DAC ask Aldean). The core of the younger pack: Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Glorianna, Lady Antebellum, Jason Aldean will continue to have merge problems with Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, Martina Mc Bride, George Strait, Alan Jackson. We only go so far to exemplify this sound with CMT and Lance Smith, awards shows, People Magazine and some Country stations who have a real handle on the 18-34 (70%) female driven Country station. There are going to be harder lines to cross. Like dance and urban songs rarely make it to AC, younger sounding Country acts might not be advisable for the other format, 25-54 (44) geared stations. Just like a George Strait song might not be played on the younger version. This has happened with strong contemporary music superstar acts. Rod Stewart, Billy Joel and Elton John. 

The format and age split is coming to Country. Smart programmer's will see that and begin to eliminate the scrapes and bumps that are causing tune out in a cume to time spent listening PPM world. The massive panel shifts from markets where Country life group members shift out after a spell can be corrected with format splinters. The $64k line from the life group will cease: "Why don't you play any of the old songs anymore". "My husband and me don't like those young girl singers". "I drive truck and grew up Country but this ain't Country". I mean listeners to Classic Rock never ask why they don't play The Rolling Stones, Who and Beatles any longer. The new and old have a tough time playing on the same stage. It's causing friction within the Country life group. Eliminate any perception problems by creating another wing. 


  1. Here ya go two different but still hip country formats. Remember you can only do this if you own both countries in the market. 90's based with a sprinkling of new country but no Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift or any poppy sounding country. The other is very contemporary...70/40 current to gold & majority of gold from 2003-present with a light sprinkling of 90's...Check out a couple of sample hours...

    Sample Hour: Gold Based:

    Check Yes or No—G Strait(89-97)
    Friends in Low Places-G Brooks(89-97)
    Something Like That—T McGraw(97-2003)
    Do I—Luke Bryan(Power Current)
    Sideways—Dierks Bentley(Power Re-Current)
    Don’t Rock the Jukebox-A Jackson(89-97)
    My Heroes have Always been Cowboys-Waylon & Willie(Legends)
    It’s America—Rodney Atkins(Re-Current)
    Boot Scootin’ Boogie—B&D(89-97)
    My Front Porch Looking In—Lonestar(2003 plus)
    Should’ve Been a Cowboy—Toby Keith(89-97)
    Small Town USA-J Moore(Power Re-Current)
    She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy—Kenny Chesney(97-2003)
    Dust on the Bottle—David Lee Murphy(89-97)
    The Truth—Jason Aldean(Medium Current)
    Mountain Music—Alabama(80’s)

    Mainstream Sample Hour:

    Fifteen—T Swift (Power Current)
    If You’re Going Through Hell—R Atkins (2003-present)
    Kiss A Girl—Keith Urban (Power Recurrent)
    It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere-Alan Jackson (2003-present)
    Take It Easy—Travis Tritt (89-1997)
    Southern Voice—Tim McGraw (Medium Current)
    Don’t Think I Don’t Think About it—Darius Rucker (Regular Recurrent)
    Before He Cheats—Carrie Underwood (2003-present)
    I Run To You—Lady Antebellum (Power Recurrent)
    Bonfire—Craig Morgan (Power Current)
    Whatever it is—Zac Brown Band (Power Recurrent)
    A Litte More Country Than That—Easton Corbin (New Current)
    How Do You Like Me Know—Toby Keith (1997-2003)
    All Summer Long—Kid Rock (Regular Recurrent)

  2. JM - great hours, this is exactly it!