Thursday, October 8, 2009


Larry Wilson called the assemblance of his management team with his new Alpha Broadcasting “The Dream Team”. It’s the seeking of perfection of the product and the meshing philosophically of all who contribute to the process. This is why he will win and win big in what he does. Nobody is hiring and managing with these fundamentals in mind. According to Tom Taylor and Radio-Only, Wilson will be adding another former Citadel exec to the team today or tomorrow.

Could you imagine how boring the arts and entertainment world would be if the great artists, musicians, composer and actors performed because they got paid and nothing else? We would have a mundane and vanilla media. Radio stations are filled with clock watching, grumbling and disinterested employees. Management is so focused on trying to sell $25.00 commercials they don’t see the forest through the trees. If this problem was fixed, the business would be fixed. Manager’s wait for the company to fix the current problems with firings, layoffs and “moving around the deck chairs on the Titanic”.

I am one of the many who believe the problems that exist in radio broadcasting today are 50% the fault of the operators and another 25% of the local managers and 25% the employees. No one wants to build a better mousetrap and challenge the process. Everyone is happy fitting in with the mess. This is ludicrous!

Assemble the best people you can and work towards engineering a plan of perfection and product dominance.

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  1. J.J. Duling made a comment about your note "WHY IT'S CALLED A DREAM TEAM Chuck Geiger":

    very well said, especially the last part.