Friday, October 9, 2009


Analysis Paralysis is a phrase that can describe being unable to make
a decision due to the availability of too much information, which
ironically must be processed in order to make said decision. That’s
got Social Media written all over it, right?

Rather than make a decision we over think everything or we throw our
hands up in the air and/or pass the buck to the nearest person without
any plan at all or we start and then stop again.  Worst than doing
nothing is inconsistency.

It is easy to see that if you are doing nothing you are missing great
opportunities. Everyone is telling you that you must be on Twitter or
Facebook!  You have heard success stories from others in your industry
but just don’t get it.  It is so frustrating coming to terms with the
amount of information you control and receive.

All of these Social Media “experts” popping up: NOTE - see if they
have people following them…it is so annoying when someone who
has like 100 followers tells me they can get me thousands—HELLO
SUNSHINE--take a look at my Twitter account and you can see that I
have figured out how to get thousands of TARGETED followers ;)

I say this a lot but it is really meaningful: Define your
Socialality…it should mirror your personality. If you are a station
with a morning show co-host that loves photography or blonde jokes you
should integrate those things into your Tweeting, Blogging, Postings
etc. Decide in advance what your goals are and you will manage your
own expectations…this will keep you sane and focused in the long run.
I promise, this won’t hurt a bit and it really isn’t rocket science.

The best way to determine what social media platforms you will want to
participate in is this:

LinkedIn: Who I am.
Facebook: Who I used to be.
MySpace: Who I want to be.
Blogging: What’s going on with me.
Twitter: What I am doing right now.

When in doubt remember to KISS-Keep It Simple Silly!
-Blog every day.  Even if it’s just a paragraph, picture, idea or
something that you want to pass on to others
-Feed blog to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc. (you can use
its awesome, FREE and simple to setup)
-Set standards for how often you will reply to people or how you will reply
-Limit the amount of time you devote to Social Media

On a side note I spent over a week looking through all the Country
Music radio stations websites, Twitter and Facebook Pages…here are a
few things I wanted to pass on:

-When I am deciding to follow somebody I pay attention to what their
page looks like. If it appears sloppy or just thrown together, has
days/weeks in between tweets, uses the default Twitter Background I
figure they don’t care, so why should I.
-Also I had to dig through most station websites to find their Twitter
addresses if they were even listed. If you only have a few dozen
people following maybe it’s because they can’t find you and again,
they might think you don’t care so why should they?
 -Why ONLY follow the other stations in your cluster or
your own DJ’s?  I know that some stations spend thousands of
dollars on consultants to find out what listeners want.
Social Media is FREE and most people are pretty generous
with their opinions.
 -Make sure that your Twitter, Myspace, Facebook pages link back to
your website and vice versa—this is just must!
-Last but not least-make sure you are following @jessicanorthey
because I am really cool.  WARNING I like to tweet a lot 

Jessica is the Social Media Editor for Full Throttle Country-Country
Radio's newest full-service and free interactive idea sharing and new
media on-line service. She has over 19 years experience including
Radio, Television, Internet and Print Sales as well as an On-Air Radio
personality.  Also she is an Entrepreneur who owns
servicing all website needs including domain names, hosting, SSL
Certificates etc. She specializes in big ideas and is known for her
ability to create complete marketing campaigns and bridge marketing
partnerships. Her company Finger Candy provides social and new media
optimization planning for businesses, brands and individuals.

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