Saturday, October 3, 2009


I have been hearing from a few people and saw if for my self recently where the boundaries of distinction are blurred or marred. Meaning: We all have duties to perform for the betterment of the radio station. Sometimes we have too many, then we have other staff members who take on themselves to try to do your job. I have heard where promotion departments who report to market managers are making programmer's lives a living hell. Promotion departments need to report to the OM or PD. This is rampant in stations where the PD seat is empty or the OM is the PD and busy.

We are asking for trouble when members of the team try to skirt around us and work behind the scenes. Then you have the promotions department and director I call the "doubting Thomas". They think everything you plan will fail and often suggest their disdain to the GM or OM. Then the house of cards falls in. Simple objective: Have promotion meetings every week where the PD or MM leads the meetings. Agree and disagree in the meting, but do not change the plan once it's agreed upon. 

Work together with synergy on the same team, for the same goal. If someone, whether a promotions director, assistant program director or air talent begins interfering with a plan - Nip it in the bud as Barney Fife would say. 

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  1. I couldn't agree more with you, Chuck! Some of my best promotions and events were done when I didn't have a promotions director...even though I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown with the amount of work and details I had to take care of. Many promotions directors have never been on the air and have no understanding of how to make a contest work with the on-air
    presentation, yet they are pretty much given autonomy to put one together. I've also worked in situations where account reps would put together something for a client, promise it, and I was forced to work with it, even though it made no sense for programming. I like to encourage everyone to come up with ideas, but let me as PD and brand manager have the final call as to how the promotion should be carried out.