Tuesday, October 20, 2009


When you listen and review your station, does it sound like you want it to and does it impact the Country life group? Does it sound like a winner? Most often our jobs are to balance and juggle a host of audio that translates into a radio station and it shifts and jags all over the place with no true focus.

1.) How does it relate to the Country life group?
2.) Does it favor 25-54 Women in its presentation?
3.) Does the morning show balance music and entertainment?
4.) Does it flow without bumps and snags making it easy to listen to?
5.) Do you hear the radio station in fifteen-minute increments?

You are the master of your domain and the life group’s when the station is compelling, easy to listen to; show biz and entertainment based and full throttle stationality and presentation. A non-connective group of elements juggled and taped together offer nothing but noise and static. Seamless and cohesive flow works the best for maintaining a sound that attracts and reflects the life group and P-2 and P-3 listeners.

What really sucks is when the life group is ignored by Country radio, sometimes two stations in a market doing the same lifeless presentation of jagged formatics and non-compelling offerings. This isn’t a Country music game any longer. This is a business that is in dire need of straightening out or we will loose it’s qualities and benefits forever.

Stop focusing so much on the musical presentation of the station and look and listen to the elements in place that could be holding you back and keeping you off target from the true members of the Country life group in your market.

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