Tuesday, September 15, 2009


We all know the most value the PPM brings to radio listening monitoring; Real verses reported listening. Sure the numbers go down, in tab in reduced dramatically, but we all wanted real listening reports. In Philadelphia and Houston, we saw Country radio take huge initial leaps. Then after 6-12 months, they went flat. Bob Glasco of Glasco Media told me: "It's the panel, when partisans of certain stations or formats are on the panel, they tend to do well, the minute they're gone, the numbers go down". KBWF is experiencing this in San Francisco. In the middle of Summer to go from 5th - 15th 25-54 is not a statistical wobble. When the meter is on for Country, it's on- So we need more converts to the panel and the format in PPM markets. Maybe we can get a Kanye West - Taylor Swift controversy every week. Develop and build more legions of partisans and work to keep them involved, so if they make to the panel, your home without the numbers lost.

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