Thursday, September 10, 2009


9 September 2009 – A free social networking group for the radio industry has been launched on Facebook. The group is called “Social Networking for Radio Stations” and the group was launched by radio veteran and Americalist ratings strategist Loyd Ford as a free way for radio to share social networking ideas for the benefit of strengthening radio. “There should always be a place that helps make programmers and marketing directors lives easier,” says Loyd Ford. “Social Networking for Radio Stations on Facebook gives anyone working in a radio station the opportunity to tap into ideas from across the country. While most of what you see on the free group will be about radio, fast-spreading ideas from other industries will be talked about as well. Radio has a unique relationship with our individual local audiences in each market. Social networking can either take that away from radio…or make it stronger. A lot of stations think they are doing a good job of using Facebook and other social networking platforms and ideas, but having a group that shares creative ways to connect audience with individual radio brands will give everyone a stronger ability to focus efforts to get the best results based upon the spreading of ideas that work the best.” “Social Networking for Radio Stations” is set up as a sharing center for ideas and actions in place as well as future brainstorming ideas on new ways radio can use social networking of all kinds to grow closer to listeners. To join for free, you simply search Facebook for “Social Networking for Radio Stations.” “Social Networking for Radio Stations” is available to personalities, program directors, market managers, marketing managers and all employees in radio in any format or market size. For more information, you may contact Loyd Ford at 877-475-6864 or

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