Sunday, September 20, 2009


Program director's, do you talk to your talent about their air work and their contributions to the radio station and process? Please don't say you have too much administrative work to perform and meetings to attend. Talking to your air talent about what they do is so important, it's over-looked today. If you can't do it daily, you need to carve out a day each week you spend with air talent and on the phone with voice trackers too. Sales managers do one on one's with their account executives to go over accounts and contacts. Program director's need to plan to meet with air talent once a week and morning shows more than once a week. It shows a commitment level on your part, as well as spending time on a personal and professional level with the talent. I would try for a high vibe day like Friday to do this. Talk about what they do on the air, listen to them and for God sake, know what they do on the air. Talk to them about ways to make what they do better. Don't waste time talking about what a client heard or the market manager told you they heard, nitpicking doesn't do anyone any good. Make it count, talk about ways to better communicate with the life group and audience.

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  1. Ann TaylorNothing brings out the best in a talent than the perception that the PD cares. I hear so many jocks lose their edge because the they never even SEE the PD. So, they figure if the PD doesn't care why should they? I like knowing what needs tweaking. No one is perfect and every game plan changes. If I am not in on it, I can't execute.
    Yesterday at 2:01pm · DeleteDarren TandyI came in today to tell a newbie I appreciate her enthusiasm and think she has a lot of natural talent...and BTW: could you use our calls/positioning statement somewhere during your break? lol I love this crazy business.
    Yesterday at 2:18pm · DeleteTidwell LanceWe have talent left?
    Yesterday at 2:53pm · DeleteRandy Raleyand those pds got sucked up into the void...or eliminated. please tell me there are some left. i know that's what i tried to do...but, alas...
    Yesterday at 6:58pm · DeleteDan DuffyAnyone who's been at it awhile knows what to do to . Keep givin' good content on air and keep the breaks quick ..the economy of words !
    11 hours ago · Delete