Monday, September 7, 2009


We hope everyone is getting a chance to charge their batteries and come our refreshed and ready to turn it up. Fall 2009 is just 10 days away. Have you developed a plan to take your production presentation up a few notches. Congratulations to KSKS and Tom Jordan. They have changed the wallpaper and have a great sounding Country station. It appears they know Fresno has more than a 3 share representing the life group. Country is alive and well, the PPM and diary markets have shown some market topping results from Spring and 1st phase of Summer. Anthony Allen has take KZSN Wichita by the lips and is readied the station for Fall 2009. New morning show, presentation and imaging. In Portland, Scott Mahalick is tweaking and gearing up for a battle with this former company Entercom. Erstwhile, Entercom searches for program directors to guide KBWF and KKWF. This is gonna be a huge Fall 2009. The music is contemporary, hip and drawing a younger core to the format. Come January we should see big happenings for the format. Be thinking about what you can do, to make a difference and help perpetuate and move your stations forward.

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