Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Highly Motivated People (The X-factor) Chuck Geiger

One of the real problems we are faced with is work place dynamics. Most often the air talent and support staff of radio stations are dictating their own levels of involvement. When this happens, we face a meltdown in the prosperity and purpose of the station. I have seen this more than I would like to. Back in the day, charismatic programmers believed in the “X-actor”. What is the X-factor? – The components and people all moving together as one central unit. Where simple and mundane tasks are treated with respect and dignity. The X-factor does work. Here’s how http://wisegeek.com describes it: In the world of mathematics, an "X factor" is an unknown quantity which only becomes known after following a prescribed process. This concept of an unknown but vital quality also extends into other worlds, such as business and entertainment. Interviewers and judges often speak of an "X factor" when they consider a number of candidates for a single open position. In this sense, an X factor is a certain indefinable quality which may promote one candidate over another in the eyes of his or her critics or examiners. The X factor is something rarely included in a job description, but candidates who possess it are more likely to survive early cuts during the culling process. In the business world, the X factor could be a significant amount of personal charisma or an air of ambition. These qualities would be difficult to quantify, but employers and human resource specialists can usually separate candidates with a certain X factor from those who do not possess it. The position may require a high level of diplomacy or discretion or personal charm, qualities which are generally considered x factors during the interview process. The X factor definitely becomes a consideration when judging competitive talent events such as American Idol. All of the contestants may demonstrate competent singing and dancing skills, and they may be able to communicate a song to the audience. Only a few singers, however, possess an X factor which would propel them into the rarefied air of super stardom. The X factor could be a strong personality or a sense of artistry while interpreting the music. When contestants in a creative contest are fairly equal in terms of training and ability, it often comes down to the X factor before a winner can be determined. We need The X-factor rampant in radio once again!


  1. Please explain your fondness for Jerry Clifton?

    As a consultant he would often undermine the PD

    or even throw the PD under the bus. He hired his

    favorites, & helped champion the thug factor of

    hip-hop radio which basically eliminated

    mainstream CHR jocks from the mix, in their place

    boastful club style jocks spewing street crap.

    Was that such a good thing?

    Fomer Clifton PD

  2. Please explain, rather than put me down for

    relating my experience as a PD where Jerry was

    the consultant. We had much better results

    working with Steve Smith by the way. Don't

    forget in the day, you could force talent to

    work any damn time you wanted, and in the 70's

    & 80's jocks mind-sets were a lot different.

    They lived, breathed, & smoked radio. Where are

    these guys? Many unfortunately assumed room-

    temp years ago, others burned out on drugs, and

    others favored beer or mixed drinks. In the

    last 15-20 years talent finally realized that

    they were being screwed, labor-laws changed, &

    people's priorities changed. You are looking

    for an era when jocks lived like gypsies, gone

    now. People are smarter.