Thursday, September 3, 2009


In regards to comments from readers concerning the open letter, Tony Benken thinks that we are almost turning into a gold based format. I have a different ear, the format seems to be more current to me than last year. Listening to the CC Premium Choice Country format, they play a lot of currents, every other song is a new current. Even the high volume of recurrents, still makes the format seem newer to me. When I started in 1997, the format played 5 currents an hour - We should be playing at least 8. If you embellish the positioning statement: New Country or Today's Country, the perception is younger and newer. We really should be playing 8 currents an hour with recurrents and no more than 4 gold titles. Coupled with a full throttle, showbiz, entertainment, high profile approach, it's a CHR station with Country titles. 3 POWERS 2 MEDIUMS 2 LIGHTS 1 NEW/STRESS 2 STAY CURRENT 2 RECURRENT 1 2000 GOLD 1 1990 GOLD

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  1. I firmly believe only the top 7 songs really need good air time. After that mediums & new hits should be very light...Re-currents are huge!(You already know they are true & tested) And then splitting your gold into 3 different catagories by era you can really control the sound of your hour. Plus make sure you place restrictions on your pop sounding country.

    2 Powers
    1 Medium
    1 New
    2-3 Power Recurrents
    2 Regular Recurrents
    2 Power Gold 2003 & Up
    1 Power Gold 1997-2003
    1 Power Gold 1989-1997