Friday, September 4, 2009


FINGER CANDY FRIDAY is off today, Jessica will be back next Friday. Categories: Introduction Uncategorized Four Letter Words… Do you have a favorite? I have one I definitely don’t like. I’ll tell you what it is later. For now I’ll just give you a hint; we all have it, but we seldom can control it the way we would like. A few of my favorites include: Golf Flog(That’s Golf backwards to describe the way I play) Love Wife Kids Girl (I have 4 of them) Base Ball Cars Beer Java Book Then there are these: Work (Manual labor, that is..) Most any $#@! Bogey (I know but it should be a four letter word) Hate Bill(s) Hurt Pain And my least favorite I gave you the hint for; Time. Why is “Time” my least favorite? Well, of all the things in our world, it’s the one thing we never really control. It’s the one thing you can’t beg, borrow, steal, buy, trade for, or ever have enough of. It controls everything we do in one way or another. And it’s the one thing that sooner or later we will all run out of. Right now Radio is wasting precious time. As more and more audio entertainment delivery devices come along and gain popularity, we continue to do just the opposite of what we should be doing. We’re pulling back. For the most part we’re not playing any kind of defense, much less offense. I never did like saying I was in a defensive position. I’ve always thought that no matter what position you might hold on your product latter you had better always be thinking offensively. I know times are tough. I also know it’s getting old to hear you’d better get back in the game now, even though you think you can’t afford it, it you want to be able to continue playing later. Too bad. It’s the truth. Learn to live with it, embrace it, and learn how to make it work for you. There are ways, after all. And, there’s still “Time.” Bob Glasco Glasco Media 480-540-3707

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