Monday, August 31, 2009


Comment from today's blog - LOCAL VS. MUSIC: The more I listen, the more talent keeps doing it - Selling the fact that they have Dierks Bentley coming-up talking about Brad Paisley. "I know someone who heard it from a friend of Ferris, who... Chuck - you and Alan Burns are dead-on with this. I've been preaching it for years, too. But too many people are apparently lazy and/or clueless. Being local isn't hard, that's what is amazing. But to some, it's easier to pick up the radio-prep-sheet in the studio, and read the latest Nashville-music nonsense that no one cares about. How many country jocks today were droning on and on about the Keith Urban Hall of Fame concert announcement? Not me, not for a second. I talked about the free country shows in our market coming up this Labor Day weekend. Guess which mattered most to the listeners? If jocks would just pay attention to their own lives (if they have one) and what people around them are talking about, they'd have plenty of prep. Add to that, actual reading of the local papers and watching local TV (how many jocks do both?), and you are overwhelmed with things real people relate to. I do it all the time, and over the years the ratings have proven it works, as a jock AND as a PD. It's not just country radio either, of course. I JUST heard this on Sunday, a jock on a hot/AC station, going into David Cook's latest song, and the exact intro by the jock was "he's performing in Fargo North Dakota tonite, David Cook" No, I don't live in North Dakota. Try Pennsylvania. Unbelievable that a jock - even though part-time if he was - would think that matters.

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