Thursday, August 6, 2009


Max Media is getting a ton of press with their stunting in Denver with The Pole 101.5 and with Hot 100.5 in Norfolk with The Kendall Studio Take over. The brilliant promotional mind of Paige Nienaber, Alan Burns, John Shomby and more have come up with these classic, creative bits and stunts to garnish attention to their radio stations. After talking with my brain trust (The Prime Minister, Bob Glasco and KTRB San Francisco PD Kevin Barrett), my aching question was; Will something like this work for Country? - Take an unappreciated ratings-wise, low-ball Country station and bring Big Bubba's Pool Hall and Beer Joint to the air. Big Bubba is broadcasting live from the bar, free beer and pool for everyone. Plenty of girls on poles and the music wold be "legends" Country, with a mix of Hank Williams III, Toby Keith, Jamey Johnson, etc. Of course, it's all theatrical and cinematic in presentation. Just like The Pole 101.5 in Denver. BTW - They sold the concept to a local gentle men's club and sponsored the web page. You would have to make sure, the format after the 14:59 of fame, reflected the slice of the life group the stunt was directed at. Big Bubba's would become a male-focused Country station. Specializing in retail revenue packages for: Hunting, fishing, boat dealers, motorcycles, toy-haulers, trucks, truck accessories, bars, tattoo shops, etc. Crazy Rebel Country with bikes, Rebel flags and horns that played "Dixie" as the interior sound of the station; BIG BUBBA'S PLACE Now back to normal programming of Rascal Flatts and Carrie Underwood with more 10 in a row sweepers.

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