Sunday, August 23, 2009


Remember Handsome Dan in Wayne’s World II? He interviewed Wayne and Garth and didn’t listen to a word they said. They actually made fun of him and he didn’t even hear them. He kept fumbling through cartridges while they were interviewing with him. Jeff Andrews of SHEET HAPPENS PREP and I were talking about this yesterday. Morning shows that are so hung up on themselves, they don’t listen to each other and to the callers and listeners to the show. Believe me, these folks are out there and we’ve all worked with them. I have worked with some many ego-maniacal morning shows, if I had a dime for everyone of them, I would be able to buy a cup of coffee. The last one I worked with, talked in third-person. “George is getting up-set” Remember from Seinfeld. The Jimmy episode. I have worked with ones who wore gold chains and open shirts with grey chest hair and loved the ladies. There was one who was on a CHR morning show talking about “Love those ladies ta-tas”. Most of these guys are in small markets and the managers are enamored with them and their perceived abilities to draw customers. They get free stuff from the clients, you bet they talk about them on the air. If Handsome Dan is your morning guy, better place and ad or hire Mr. Scream to replace him.

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