Monday, August 24, 2009


I was listening to several key Country stations over the weekend and also ones I've programmed. Note to self: Reminder FTC readers two points, freshen for Fall and remember, imaging is marketing. Every recorded piece of imaging is an extension of the station' brand. You have to put this in your own words as the programmer and leader of the marketing charge. There are several ways to accomplish this. What do people naturally say about the station when they talk about it, that is a brand extension from the listener. John Bowen says: ""Chuck.. not when it's done for ya.. besides.. if they changed the imaging of the stations.. they would have to work.. that would mean meeting after meeting with people that would need to put their 2 cents in on how the radio station should sound.. they you'd have to get approval from the consultant.. the sales manager.. the assistant sales manager.. probably would need to make sure that nobody is offended." Tie the station into the community and it's people. KJWL in Fresno (AC) uses members of the community in it's imaging. Austin Keyes wrote about this. Don't keep the imaging some PD or production person put in there months and years ago. Lance Tidwell chimes in: ""It's weird when this happens. Boise had stuff I wrote on two years later? And it wasn't even good." But hold on Imaging genius Matt Gansale brings up a great point: "hmmm... yes... but there's still the "hit imaging piece" factor... keep in the strongest/most funniest/most touching sweepers from years past - just be sure they don't rotate so much that they burn." Dan Duffy told me" "Programmers get busy, multi-tasking and forget this is an important part of the radio station". Make sure you revamp your imaging for Fall. Don't let this material from months and even years ago play.

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  1. Boys

    I did some top-flight imaging for a Del Rio Texas station 25 years ago. I discovered it was still on the air last week. The coax will be cut.

    JT Clay
    Clayvision Media